A New day is coming.

KORIS Vision

KORIS is an ERC 20 token developed on the Ethereum platform.
We will develop an suitable block-chain for financial transactions.
Our goal is to create an innovative block-chain platform that is easy for anyone to use.

Advanced Block Speed

Low Fee

Private Option

Innovative Wallet System

Easy Payment

Wallet Owner Verification System

KORIS Mining Pool System

Complex and difficult existing mining methods are over.
KORIS has been developed to make it easy for anyone to mine on the web.

Easy web mining system

Zero waste

No maintenance required

Encrypted server up

Never seen before

Buy-back Program!

Flawless Marketing Solutions of KORIS


Realization of fair token distribution
through KORIS mining system.

Price increase factor

Miners buy their coins in the market
to sell at a high price.

Market Activation Factors

If the market price is higher than mining cost,
more people will mine.

Price stabilization factor

Price defense by implementing buy-back program
in bear market situation.

Your Agreement with KORIS

Our Services and cryptocurrencies are licensed, not sold,
to you, and may also be subject to one or more of the
additional terms below Terms of use. If there is any conflict
between the terms in the General Terms and the Additional Terms,
then the Additional Terms govern in relation to that Service or cryptocurrencies

The difficulty level fluctuates more than once a week, depending on market price, team and community opinion.
Difficulty is based on price and can also be variable by community opinion.
There may be some differences in the total mining value.
If you are not satisfied with our products, you will be able to make your own refund within seven days.

I. The refund is immediate and 90% of the payment amount is returned except the network fee.
II. Refund is not possible after 7 days.

Token Information