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KORIS is an ambitious project to create innovative future digital currencies.
Our team is focused on developing an innovative block chain system and listening to community users opinions.

Core Team

Online web mining platform for trust and stability in the risky cryptocurrency market

Good day, Hahm Shin Seung, the CEO of KORIS.

For many years, I've been in the business of investing in cryptocurrency, selling, mining, blockchain.
We already know what an investor wants. We will not dazzle investors with false goals, but reward them with the best results based on honesty, trust and humility, and strive to graft the blockchain real life through the chorus.

KORIS' vision is to create a more convenient and pleasant world through new connections to people, not just between blocks.We are committed to developing smart contracts so that they can be applied to real life in order to make computing (network), mobile and IoT technologies used by people and people into a better place than last year and yesterday by connecting them in blocks.

Most of the projects on the market are not safe. However, we have made up for this by ourselves.Unrealizable goals, multistage sales, lack of development capability, and funding will soon dissipate most of the coins.

Taking lessons from dot-combubble in the past, Corris never takes your backseat, and I will stay with you until the end to realize the vision of the project.

※ Before the release of the Korean Market and Card Payment Platform, A full of the sales of KORIS Mining will be used for buy-back and incineration.


Shin Seung, Ham(함신승)

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